BCL Class and Testimonials

hand This workshop is all about fun, participation, team work and stimulating games. Every student is given the chance to answer questions, to express themselves and to share opinions.Many students return to the same workshop because they enjoy the unconventional teaching method and the opportunity to mingle and make friends too.


The photos show a typical BCL class in progress.

Note that older students are in the same class with younger students. This kind of orientation is uncommon in school or tuition centre.

Older students are encouraged to take leadership and to set a good role model. Meanwhile the younger ones are encouraged to be confident and to work together with their seniors.

Sarah Williams (United Kingdom) 9 years old, student
“I used to be face problems such as weak concentration and difficulties doing revision. After attending BCL, I have less stress and I can concentrate better. As for revision, it seems to be more enjoyable to me now. This workshop is fun and I encourage all students to participate. Thank you mom for sending me to Brain-Child Learning”
Jeremiah Lee (Singapore) 10 years old, student
I was weak in Mandarin. It is a difficult language to master. Surprisingly BCL helped me to regain my confidence and to conquer my fear for Mandarin. Now I have great interest in learning Mandarin and I speak fluently too. I enjoy learning language so much and I plan to attend French class soon!”
Takako Kobayashi (Japan),12 years old, student
“My memory was bad and I lacked concentration. After practising the skills learnt at BCL for a month, I experience improvement in memory and during examination, I can recall quickly the things I’ve read. I want to dedicate my achievements to BCL and its caring Trainers!”
Wong Shin Hou (Malaysia), Parent of 14 year old Wong Kah Weng
“My son was a quiet child and he dislike to participate in any conversation. After 2 months of practising BCL, I realised that he has changed from a being a pessimistic child to optimistic in general. He starts to speak more to me and our neighbours. He express himself more openly and definitely more confident. I also witness his improvement in language related subjects. Brain-Child is truly remarkable”The following are articles from Malaysian newspapers featuring the demonstration of mental power and its benefits to children:

Here are 4 video clips on BCL’s Mental Reading submitted by a BCL student from Singapore:
Video 1-Click to Go
Video 2-Click to Go
Video 3-Click to Go


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