Business Opportunity

BCL is available to entrepreneurs who wish to participate in this amazing business by signing up as a license holder (Licensee) issued by the principal company.

The prospective licensee is expected to meet the following requirements:

  • Pro-active in sales and marketing
  • Pleasant personality and resourceful
  • Aggressive to grow and result oriented
  • Ability to perform public speaking and presentation
  • Has sufficient funds for start-up and run the business
  • Business experience is not necessary as coaching will be given by principal
  • Teaching experience not necessary as Trainers will be provided by principal

The prospective licensee will be supported by the principal in:

  • Coaching on sales presentation
  • Teaching materials and Trainers
  • Sharing of business experience and operation method
  • Marketing support such as advertisement, print media (flyers) and joint-promotion
  • Undertaking initiative to raise awareness
  • Updating licensee with new product knowledge from time to time
  • Reserving the priority for existing licensee to subscript to any new product

Prospective licensee is encouraged to write in with a resume (not exceeding 3 pages) on your personal particulars, work experience and skills.

Please send your particulars to:


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