About Us


The Brain-Child Learning (BCL) programme is the 21st century mind development method designed to unleash a child’s potential and hidden talent.

The revolutionary learning technology was developed in Japan in the late 1990s’ and currently, its exclusive right is held by the principal of Brain-Child Learning based in Singapore.

BCL was introduced to the international market in the year 2003 mainly in Asia. Besides Japan, BCL workshop has made its presence in Singapore, Malaysia and United Kingdom conducted in ‘summer school’ or ‘holiday camp’ method.

Many children in Japan have benefited from this extraordinary programme and have excel in various disciplines such as academic, sports, arts and general self-improvement.

The syllabus of BCL is designed on the fundamentals of mental stimulation, motivation and creative thinking. In order to achieve optimum result, BCL is best conducted in intensive workshop method instead of structured coursework which may take months to complete.

BCL is a professionally managed organisation with personnel based in Singapore, Malaysia and United Kingdom. Our organisation is in the midst of expansion with the vision to enrich the lives of children globally.

Should there be any parties who are keen to explore with us, feel free to contact us at brain.child.uk@gmail.com


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